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When it's time for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, or an extended stay at
the magnificent Oregon Coast, it's time to head for Charleston. 

This distinctive fishing village is located near some of the finest recreation and
most beautiful scenery in the Northwest, and all the friendly residents and merchants of Charleston will do
everything possible to make your visit memorable and fun!


Join us at Charleston's Festivals ...

32nd Annual Charleston Crab Feed 

This SATURDAY, FEB. 13th


Ahh Shucks! Oyster Feed - April 2016



NEWS UPDATE 2/12/16: The Charleston Crab Feed is coming up and we thought we'd give you an inside look on where the crabs on your plate this weekend come from! Yesterday, we got a glimpse on how crabs are processed and talked to three crabbers on what the crabber lifestyle is like. Click here to read more!





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Fishing, Clamming, Crabbing
It's all right here!


Whether you're looking for fun and adventure, or just a
friendly place to relax, head for Charleston on
Oregon's exciting Adventure Coast.
The Charleston Marina & RV Park are within easy walking
distance of everything you need to enjoy your stay in
Oregon's bay area.

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